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Change your loft from unsafe, unusable & undesirable to safe, useful and clean with loft flooring.

Whether your loft is big or small just a small amount of loft boarding can make a world of difference and provide valuable storage and access for an otherwise wasted space. 

The boards we use are P5, tongue & groove, chipboard that are 2.4m long and 600mm wide, they lock in on all 4 sides providing a secure and strong platform.


The flooring installations we undertake are installed with a raised platform, the main reason for this is to maintain ventilation in your loft especially if you have thick insulation.

One of the other reasons for the raised platform is weight distribution, we lay new joist work at right angles to your existing joist work meaning the load placed on top is evenly distributed through the floor and has less impact on the ceiling below. 

There are 3 heights we raise the floor by and which one you have is largely dictated by the thickness of your insulation, we raise by 100mm, 150mm or 200mm, we can help you work out which height is best.


  • 100mm raised flooring £40 per m2

  • 150mm raised flooring £48 per m2

  • 200mm raised platform £54 per m2

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