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Skylark Folding Attic Stairs

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The Skylark Foldaway Attic Stairs is the easiest and safest way into your loft.

This premier quality product is the ultimate access to you loft, at the push of a button the ladder will fully retract and extend, zero effort required.

Aside from its ease of use the ladder is incredibly strong made from beech hardwood with a working load of 226kg's (35.5 stone).

It also features twin handrails and a battery backup so the ladder can still be operated in the event of a power cut.

The unit is set inside a draft proof and insulated frame with a u-value of 0.71 with a white finish on the door. 

This unit is independently tested, awarded EN 14975 and meets ANSI 4.9 testing requirements.


The unit is supplied in widths of 65/70/75/80/85 & 90cm with hatch lengths of 120/135 & 150cm dependant on the floor to ceiling height, bespoke units can be made on request.


Skylark products include a 10 year parts guarantee.

Pricing for this product starts at £3990, we provide a full written quote upon request.

Call 0800 689 3169 for a quote or fill in the contact form below

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