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Stira Heavy Duty Loft Ladder

The safest, sturdiest, ladder made even sturdier.

The Heavy Duty Stira is one of the strongest attic ladders available and the only one custom made for your needs.

The Heavy Duty Stira is also designed for use in offices or workshops, where the stairs would be used on a regular bases to carry heavy objects into the attic. The Heavy Duty Stira features bigger hinges and has a deeper step making the ladder stronger, more comfortable to climb and safer for employees.

The Heavy Duty Stira is built to your specifications, with insulation and draft proofing as standard and our 10 parts guarantee.


The Heavy Duty Stira Folding Attic Stairs are built to order. There is a two week lead time for a Heavy Duty Stira for a ceiling height under 3.2m.

3.2m is the manual operation cut off point, so any Heavy Duty Stira for a ceiling height above 3.2m will need to be Semi-Automatic and there is a 3 week lead time for the manufacturing of the Stira.




  • Hatch size minimum 762mm(W) x 1175mm(L) 

  • Vertical clearance 650mm

  • Floor to loft floor max. height 2.8m

  • Swing space (ladder unfolding) 1.6m

Price available upon quotation

Call 0800 689 3169 for a quote or fill in the contact form below

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